Tero: a website to reflect the values and fusion of a family group (PODCAST in FR)

Listen to our podcast episode with Arthur Lhoist, Chief Impact Officer and co-founder of Tero Group.

In this episode we will reveal :

  • The history and DNA of the group
  • The merger of the three entities (Tero, Knokke Out and People First Management)
  • How was the merger implemented?
  • The challenges facing the group
  • What are the advantages of working as a family

And finally, we will look back at the different stages of the collaboration between Anais Digital and Tero. Thus, you will discover how we were able to help them combine the different poles of the group into a single website.

If you like companies that put people at the heart of their concerns, read on!

The Belgian group Tero is a major player in catering and events in Belgium and Luxembourg. Founded in 2014 by Arthur Lhoist, Tero quickly developed a strong philosophy of sustainable catering, based on seasonal products, short circuits and local production.

Over the years, Tero has grown and diversified its activities by creating Ferme des Rabanisses in 2015, and then partnering with People First Management to acquire the Knokke Out group in 2016. In 2020, Tero merged with these two entities to form the Tero Group we know today.

The uniqueness and strength of the Tero Group combined in one website

The merger has allowed the group to expand its scope of action by offering not only a unique culinary experience through its restaurants, but also event and team building services for companies, as well as a catering service for private events.

The uniqueness and strength of the Tero Group lies in its ability to offer several businesses under one roof, to develop in several geographies, while being anchored in its philosophy of sustainable catering and reconnecting people to each other, to themselves, to others and to nature. The Tero Group has created a strong and unifying brand that stands out in the market.

A philosophy that puts people at the heart of its concerns

Tero’s vision is to put sustainable food back on the map and show that a restaurant can do things differently, working with seasonality, short circuits and local producers. Tero’s model also relies on the use of its own farm. Beyond the philosophy, Tero offers a range of dishes to share that encourages conviviality.

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