• Digital Innovation Studio

    Launch a digital studio to create a digital & lean innovation culture. First results gathered after a couple of weeks. 1st projet incubation result after a couple of months! 1 new app every 4 months! Receipt: a multidisciplinary team of experts, truly lean & user-centered.
  • UX Design of a new mobile transport experience

    User-centered design of a new mobile transport experience (mobile). From user empathy to user validation interviews of the solution clickable prototype, our UX reserachers brought scientifically evidence about the solution user will adopt. Receipt: UX Research & design experts, in empathy with users & co-creation.
  • Corporate grade web platform Design & Development

    From initial understanding of the business objectives & target users needs to the UX design of the solution and its entire solution development, we delivered in 3 months a scalable portal deployed in respect of international grade security standards. Receipt: an agile multidisciplinary team of UX, BA & DEVs, digital technology & rapid software development experts.
  • A fully automated DEVOPS pipeline

    In the context of technical migration of our customer portal, we deployed a fully automated DEVOPS pipeline : CI/CD, automated unit testing, end-end testing & code quality control. Receipt: DEVOPS experts on board.
  • Their MVP in < 3 months!

    From initial idea clarification & audience persona validation to the launch of the MVP, it took us just a couple of weeks to deliver. Receipt: user-centered approach, data driven decisions, test & learn rapid iterations
  • Lean startup coaching

    Our Lean start coaching helped them succeed. We helped them from problem-solution fit to product market-fit in a no waste attitude. They now fly ! Receipt: Fail & learn fast. Engage.


Startups & SMB

Public organisations