Fortunately for you,
we are much more
than just a digital agency

Above all, Anais Digital is an agile spirit.
We stay close to the pulse of the market.
We learn new skills. We adapt. Constantly. 

Since 2006, we have been constantly developing our areas of expertise, with an unique alliance of know-how:

  • Development of websites and mobile interfaces.
  • Adapting to the needs of users through UX.
  • Digital transformation in the broad sense, change management, UX and accessibility training, business coaching and recruitment missions for digital experts.

We now cover the entire value chain of companies, from a digital point of view.

Anais Digital has an entrepreneurial mindset. A lean approach, based on proven methodologies. This is how we positively impact our clients’ projects, with whom we choose to collaborate.

Ultimately, these are our values and our philosophy. Our teams and projects are built on trust, bearing mind the latest developments in the way people work and collaborate. In our book, diversity of skills and opinions is considered an asset.

What we avoid

  • Months of auditing, without tangible results 
  • Long meetings without input/output
  • Putting everyone in cc emails
  • Starting a project without clearly defined roles
  • Ego wars
  • Accepting projects we don’t believe in

Our offices

We call on talents from our two offices in Brussels and Bucharest. This dual location allows us to offer each customer the best solutions and services on the market at competitive prices.


Our Brussels team focuses on digital transformation, business consulting, training, ergonomics and interface design in order to optimize their added value and impact.


In Bucharest, a true European technology hub, our technical teams turn your ideas into screens. They focus on the functionality of the interfaces, for optimal results.

Zoom, Meet and other tools

And then there are obviously videoconference meetings, which allow us to carry out an end-to-end project remotely, regardless of the geographical location of our customers. An online mode of operation which has proven itself at Anais Digital – from long before a certain Covid upset the ways of working.

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