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Need a web or mobile app, a website, a showcase site or an e-commerce site? Trust Anais Digital web agency with your project!

Launched in Brussels in 2005, our digital web agency specializes in user experience (UX) design. Our priority? Addressing the needs and expectations of your users. Designing unique products, mobile applications and websites that will meet those needs while being attractive, useful and easy to use for all.

More than a website

Our web agency develops a multitude of digital projects in Belgium and elsewhere in the world. Our approach: the implementation of an efficient digital strategy, personalized based on your needs and objectives.

We take care of creating your site or other digital product by handling everything from conception through construction. We also ensure the product’s success by developing its visibility using search engine optimization, social media communications, content creation, Google Ads, digital marketing campaigns, data analysis, and more.

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Why work with Anais Digital ?

We could list 1001 reasons to trust us with your website but we’d rather highlight the 5 main advantages of our web agency: 

1. We are a team of experts with complementary skills

Our web agency is made up of 40+ skilled professionals and digital experts. Our strength lies in our complementary profiles: UX researchers and UX designers working side by side in our User Experience department, front end and back end web developers, scrum masters, change managers, digital experts… Few web agencies can claim to master the entire value chain of their clients, as does our company created in Brussels.

For each project, we assemble a team of experts with complementary skills and experiences (development, UX, graphic design, identity, digital marketing). This combination of expertise and knowledge allows us to create effective websites and efficiently develop digital projects, always ensuring that the solutions created are appreciated by your users.

2. We create user-friendly websites

There is nothing more frustrating than developing a solution or a website that nobody wants. Our web agency believes in only one rule: users first. Our digital specialists take the time to understand and analyze your users’ expectations and needs – guaranteeing great results !

Good to know: our added value starts where most other web design agencies usually leave off. All of our projects are custom designed, taking into account your needs and those of your users. We never paste your logo on a template picked from a catalog.

3. A web agency in Brussels (Belgium) and Bucarest (Romania)

Our web agency is located in Brussels. This is where our UX division is located, along with our digital transformation and business consulting specialists.

We also have a branch in Bucharest, a true European technological hub. Our technical team is in charge of turning your ideas into screens. Our developers’ focus? Navigation, coding, page, menu… Our nearshoring strategy helps optimize web development costs for your company.

4. We don’t waste your time or your money

Our philosophy? No waste. No waste of time, money or energy. Our expertise in User Experience (UX) allows us to design the services and products that your users really want. We can quickly design an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for your website or digital product. As part of our lean approach, we test the product on its intended audience.

The goal ? Quickly evaluate the performance of the solution envisioned for your company. Improve it, repeat and adjust to ensure that it corresponds to the real needs of the market, all the while respecting the agreed-upon timing and budget.

5. Our web agency puts your business first

It may seem obvious, but the primary goal of our work together is to help grow your business. Think of our web agency as a true partner for your company, one which places performance at the heart of all our actions, with a guaranteed return on investment.

We believe that our actions must always have an impact on your business’ development. We won’t sell a blog to a client that doesn’ need one or develop tools and services that turn out to be useless and unprofitable. We always put your website to work for your marketing strategy.

Convinced by our unique approach ?

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What kind of websites?

With over 15 years of experience and multiple projects in Belgium and elsewhere in the world, we have developed a very broad expertise.

Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, boost online sales or simply improve your website’s usability, our team of experts will help you achieve your goals.

Need a showcase site, an e-commerce site, a corporate site, a web application?

We collaborate with promising start-ups as well as established companies.

We guide you towards the most intuitive and efficient software solutions for every stage of your project !! Experience, market knowledge, analysis by our UX researchers, creative ideas from our web design specialists and powerful tools are the basis of all our projects.

Type of web development:

  • Web applications (Angular, React, NodeJS)
  • Mobile applications (ReactNative or PWA)
  • CMS (WordPress, Drupal)
  • Complex SAAS/cloud solutions (with micro-services, real-time processing, event management, SSO and IAM integrations, [a-]synchronous multi-system integrations…)

We always make sure to respect the best practices and constraints in place, whether in terms of security, accessibility, GDPR, continuous deployments (automated CI/CD pipeline), unit tests or multi-devices, etc.

We also take care of hosting, maintaining and updating your site.

Website creation: 

Thanks to the magic of code, our scope is extremely wide. Since the creation of our company in 2005 in Brussels, we have developed multiple softwares, websites and digital products:

  • CMS
  • E commerce
  • Library
  • Project Management
  • Web and mobile applications
  • And more…

Anais Digital, more than just another web agency

Our digital agency based in Belgium and Romania has other areas of expertise :

Digital transformation

Change your team’s mindset and help them think and act more ‘digitally’.

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Digital talent recruitment

Give your projects a boost and strengthen your team. Our Anais Flex department gives you access to our exclusive network of digital experts ready to help you take your project to the next level.

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Quality training

Improve your skills and those of your teams thanks to our à la carte training courses in User Experience (UX) and accessibility.

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Business coaching

Take advantage of our entrepreneurial experience.  We’ll advise and challenge you, and help you experiment with new (tested and approved) approaches.

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