Web Accessibility

Learning Objectives

Everyone should be able to access the web. Europe already imposes this directive on public sites and soon on the private sector. We propose 5 half-day modules, depending on your needs :

1. Empathy (4h)
• Awareness of disabilities
• Knowledge of assistive tools (simulators)
• Accessibility myths

2. Management (4h)
• Return on investment of accessibility
• Legislation
• Budget
• Workflow and team collaboration
• Company maturity path

3. Design (4h)
Accessibility guidelines applying to Design

4. Editorial (4h)
Accessibility guidelines applying to Writing

5. Technique (2x4h)
Part 1: Accessibility guidelines applying to HTML, CSS, Aria
Part 2: Introduction to accessible JS, Angular, Mobile Apps

Language French or English
Durations From 4h (Empathy only), up to 24h (all 5 modules)
Participants Maximum 10 per module
Place In-house or at Anais Digital premises

Who should attend this training?

This training was developed for designers, front-end developers, functional analysts, data analysts, project managers, product owners, content writers, graphic designers, information architects, researchers and managers.

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