Anais Digital Joins JEMS  


Anais Digital is delighted to join JEMS, the European Big Data expert and leading data industrialist in Europe. 

With more than 830 employees and 80 M€ of turnover, JEMS is present in 13 cities in France as well as in Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, Switzerland and now in Belgium. 

This merger will allow Anais to progressively enrich its UX, DEV, Innovation, and Change services with the power of the data delivered by JEMS and to benefit directly from the support of an international structure. 

An integrated offer 

JEMS and Anais’ leadership have come together around their vision of offering the market an integrated offering and pragmatic approaches that quickly create value (productivity, significant cost reduction, new services, new products) with a wealth of data. 

“Anais Digital has managers and a talented team in both Belgium and Romania. We will be able to count on them to continue our development and become a leader in the Belgian and Romanian markets.” 

Jacques Benhamou, President of JEMS 

“The merger with JEMS will allow us to complete our service offering with data, which is increasingly at the heart of digital transformation projects, and to benefit directly from the support of a structure with highly developed data industrialization methods, which are unique in Europe.” 

Christophe Jouret and Reynald Lemaire, Co-Managing Partners of Anais Digital 

About JEMS Group 

JEMS GROUP is the leading data industrialist in Europe and is present in France in 13 regional cities. Created in 2002, the group has 830 employees and a turnover of 80 M€. JEMS’ business is to create, manage and exploit the data assets of companies. The offer covers all the dimensions of a data platform and is divided into 3 subsets : 

  • data acquisition 
  • governance and management of the asset 
  • the creation and industrialization of innovative services based on AI, digital or analytics 

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