Dstny : a revamp for a leader in secure cloud communications 

The client

Dstny is a European leader and innovator in secure cloud communications. Their tools and technology help over 2 million businesses communicate, collaborate, and manage their  customer service.  

Headquartered in Brussels, Dsnty counts more than 700 employees in 7 European countries and an annual turnover of nearly €190 million. 

Photo de couverture du site Dstny

The challenge 

Dstny approached Anais looking for help to completely revamp their current software’s user experience. They wanted to transform it into a comprehensive application, capable of catering to all group apps and end-users while also delivering a top-notch user experience. 

The goal 

  • Improve the user experience 
  • Facilitate the development of new features 
  • Ease the maintenance   

Our approach 

Thanks to our Flex model, we were able to quickly put together a team of skilled developers, capable of handling ReactJS, micro front-end architecture and full front-end development challenges. 

We also brought in our UX/UI and QA experts and added experienced PM’s to the team to coordinate the project. 

The key to success for this complex project with a larger number of actors? Communication. In order to move the project forward seamlessly, we focused on establishing clear communications systems from the start and ensuring synchronization on all levels throughout the process. 

The results 

After successfully completing this hugely complex project including developing Fixed-mobile communication (FMU) and UX/UI, quality assurance and front-end development for the app,  Anais now has a dedicated software development team for Dsnty, working on a number of innovative solutions for the company. 

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