UX Days 2023 : How to use AI in my UX job (by Alexandre DEHON)

Anais Digital invites you to the UX Days that will be held in Paris on May 25 and 26, 2023. This event will bring together world-renowned user experience (UX) experts to discuss the latest trends and best practices in UX.

During this edition, Alexandre Dehon, UX expert at Anais Digital, will lead a workshop on “How to use AI in my UX job?”.If you are passionate about artificial intelligence (AI) and UX, don’t miss this unique opportunity to discover how AI can improve the user experience.

UX days, for whom and why attend?

Cover photo UX DAYS

UX Days is an annual conference organized by the Flupa association. The UX Days are a must-attend event for all user experience (UX) and user-centered design professionals to exchange on best practices and latest trends in the field.

UX Days offers a unique opportunity to meet UX experts from around the world and discover the latest trends and best practices in UX.

The program includes exciting lectures, hands-on workshops and product demonstrations to deepen your knowledge and improve your UX skills.

Where do the UX Days take place?

The UX Days change location every year. They have been held in different cities in France, such as Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Lille, etc.

The 2023 edition is scheduled on May 25 and 26, 2023 in Paris, at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie (at La Villette) 30 avenue Corentin-Cariou, 75019 Paris.

What is Flupa?

Flupa is a community of UX (user experience) and user-centered design professionals in France. It aims to promote best practices in UX and to encourage exchanges between professionals in the field.

Cover photo flupa

Flupa regularly organizes events such as conferences, workshops and trainings to allow community members to share their know-how and learn from each other.

Workshop: How to use AI in my UX job (by Alexandre DEHON)

Cover photo How to use AI in my UX job

During this edition, our Alexandre DEHON, UX expert of the Anais team, will lead a workshop on a current topic: How to use AI in my UX job? (two sessions are scheduled on Thursday, May 25, 2023 at 9am and 2pm).

This workshop is for artificial intelligence (AI) and UX enthusiasts. This workshop will help you discover how AI can improve the user experience and give you practical ideas to apply AI in your daily work.

In particular, participants will learn how AI can be used to:

  • personalize the user experience,
  • improve search accuracy, and
  • facilitate decision making.

Alexandre Dehon will also present the latest trends and best practices in AI applied to UX.

Discover the program of the AI and UX workshop and the complete program of the UX Days 2023.

AI can offer many opportunities to improve the user experience (UX). Therefore, it is important for UX professionals to understand how AI can be used effectively in their work.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how AI can transform your UX business and improve your users’ experience.

Discover our tailor-made UX training courses.

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