ConnectMe, the Swiss Army knife of business communication

ConnectMe is a corporate telecommunication application developed by the telecom group DSTNY.

Specifically, it is an enriched web collaboration application that integrates: 

  • a softphone 
  • instant messaging
  • video conferencing.

A few years after its launch, the ConnectMe application needed to evolve to meet the changing needs of its users.

Users can collaborate, share their screen and access their private and professional address books. The app can be used on a laptop, tablet or cell phone.

Interview: Barbara Larcin, UX Researcher & Service Designer

How did you approach the ConnectMe application project?

We started with the existing design and implemented new innovative elements throughout our collaboration. We had to restart the project by thinking of a new design for existing functionalities. 

What were the main challenges?

The challenge was to put in place the whole UX structure and successfully meet the needs of the end users. 

We went out and interviewed users in order to better understand their needs. That’s how we successfully developed new approaches to existing solutions.

How did you manage to capture the needs of end users?

We conducted tests with potential users. Only then did we enter into an iterative process. 

We went back to the users each time to develop new features as we went along and to adapt ConnectMe to their needs.

Are you satisfied with the result?

The client and the users are very happy with the result. Of course, the UX of this type of application is never completely finished. 

We have to continue to improve the interface, develop new features and work closely with the users. 

And that is what we do each day: try to understand their needs. This is the basis for creating designs and conducting tests, which we then send to development.

What do you like most about this project?

The most interesting thing, and this is the core of our work, is to get a company to think about its users. DSTNY is an organization in motion. It may not be growing day by day, but it is clearly growing week by week! 

Listen to our podcast episode with Alexis Carbonnelle, ConnectMe Product Owner: 

In this episode, Alexis looks back on the major steps of the collaboration with Anais’ IT teams: 

  • Why upgrade the solution?
  • What were the challenges of the project?
  • What was the result?

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