Ep 2 – It’s hard to keep it simple, but when you do, the results are there! (podcast in FR)

Meet Christophe Jouret, partner of Anais digital and digital entrepreneur for more than twenty years.

Discover the journey of an entrepreneur who is passionate about digital and innovation.

What drives him to get up in the morning? People.

Putting people at the heart of the process and digital projects is more than an objective, it’s the agency’s credo.

In this episode, you will learn :

  • How Christophe started his career as an entrepreneur;
  • Why he decided to co-create the investment fund “Smile Impact”;
  • His passion for sharing his experience and passing it on through the Réseau Entreprendre;
  • The highs and lows of his career and what we can learn from them;
  • His vision on the evolution of the digital and UX market where the user-centered approach is essential.

Do you have a question about a digital or entrepreneurial project? Write to us at

Voice : Christophe Jouret

Production : Antidote.

Credits : Anais Digital

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