Ep10 – Define the governance of a digital project (podcast in FR)

Did you know that the performance of your projects is not only found in the implementation of an effective plan? It is also about setting up an efficient governance adapted to the context.

The implementation of digital projects within a company implies the definition of a structure: the project governance.

This governance depends on the use of methods and tools that will allow you to organize a project from A to Z.

The goal ? The maximum adhesion of the various stakeholders.

In this episode, Christophe Jouret gives us his advice on how to best organize the governance of your digital projects.

You will learn :

  • Understand the challenges of project governance.
  • Learn how to define and organize an efficient governance and project management system
  • Define your precise place and role within a project organization


(00:33) “Governance is when you work on the organization, not on tactical things or concrete tasks to be done.”

(00:55) “Many times, in the context of digital projects, we forget to define the roles and responsibilities of each person and we forget to define the rules that must be respected. All these oversights cause the project to fail.”

(02:14) “If you practice governance in your business, you have to do it in a participatory mode. This allows everyone to be autonomous and responsible in their role. You will then see that the agility and efficiency of projects will only increase”.

(02:39) “The goal is to have the right people in the right roles, to have the right processes and organizations to enable everyone to be the most effective and impactful in their role.”

3 ways to put the governance of a digital project at the service of performance

1. Setting up a clear structure

Define a framework and rules to follow. To achieve this, it is necessary to set up a schedule for the teams to meet and make internal decisions. The objective is to structure the way of working before the realization of a digital project.

2. Define the responsibilities of each person

Set up action areas, define responsibilities and schedule recurring meetings. This way, your company will have organized teams with effective people who are more impactful in their roles. The success of the project is guaranteed if it has a clear and structured vision of the objectives to be reached.

3. Mastering governance

Governance can be learned quickly and the results are optimal. You save energy and precious time in the implementation and realization of your digital projects. Governance requires a participative mode where each member is autonomous and responsible for what he/she undertakes.

Full transcript:

Hello Christophe Jouret, partner of Anaïs Digital and digital entrepreneur for twenty years. I’m here to share with you my experience and some anecdotes on how to succeed in digital projects and avoid the pitfalls.

Today, I want to talk to you about governance on digital projects, but somehow, what I’m saying here is valid outside and much more widely than in the digital world. What is governance? Governance is when we work on the organization, not in tactical elements, concrete tasks to be done.

But when we implement the way an organization works, when we create the systems that allow us to be efficient, whether it’s for large organizations or for startups, often, in the context of digital projects, we forget to clearly define the roles and responsibilities. We forget to define when we meet to make decisions. We forget to define the rules that must be respected and the fact of setting a framework, of structuring the way of working upstream of the project.

The fact that everyone is clear about the objectives, the focus, who has what responsibility, who makes what decision? Is often a failure factor for projects or I would say in a positive way when you define it well at the beginning. And it’s pretty simple, it doesn’t take that much time. At the end of the day, you save a lot of energy, time in the implementation and in the realization of successful projects.

Governance is easy to learn. Look on Google, look at the elements related to roles and responsibilities related to recurring meetings related to the decision process. And you’ll see, you’ll have a lot to gain by organizing this at the beginning of your projects. And if in addition, at least at Anais, this is how we like to think about governance, you do it in a participative mode where everyone is autonomous and responsible in his role. You will see that the agility and efficiency of the projects will be increased.

Governance is, among other things, a very broad topic. It starts with: defining roles, responsibilities, scopes of action, recurring meetings. The goal is to have the right people in the right roles and to have the right processes, the right organizations, to allow these people to be the most effective and the most impactful in their role to ensure that people are really at the service of the project with a clear and structured vision of the objectives to be achieved. Governance is the cement of digital projects. It is a real guarantee of success for successful projects.

Voice : Christophe Jouret

Production : Antidote.

Credits : Anais Digital.

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