JEMS, the European champion of Data coming to Belgium with Anais Digital (PODCAST)

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Today, data is omnipresent and it plays a major role in the digital transformation of companies. 

In this episode of the Anaïs Digital podcast, Reynald Lemaire, co-managing partner of Anais Digital welcomes Jacques Benhamou, president of JEMS.

Several topics are discussed:

  • How JEMS became the first data industrialist in Europe; 
  • How JEMS helps its customers to create, manage and exploit their data assets
  • How data enables a forward-looking vision for companies, allowing them to imagine what will happen tomorrow, rather than simply analyzing what happened in the past; 
  • Why, contrary to the current “data driven” vision (which consists in looking for data to answer specific needs), JEMS advocates a “data centric” vision which aims at creating a large and structured data heritage to facilitate the industrialization of use cases; 
  • Anais Digital’s mission to help clients accelerate their digitalization and innovation and how it fits with JEMS’ data offering;
  • Two core values of JEMS: diversity and boldness. 

This podcast is also an opportunity to lift the veil on the acquisition of Anais Digital by JEMS at the end of 2022.

We came together around a common vision: to offer the market an integrated offering and pragmatic approaches that quickly create value (productivity, considerable cost reduction, new services, new products) thanks to a wealth of data.

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