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The Ultimate Customer Experience in a Phygital World: How to Combine Physical and Digital Experiences (in FR)

We live in a phygital world. What does that mean, you ask? It means that our interactions in the world are both physical and digital. The days of purely physical or purely digital interactions are gone. In order to be successful, businesses need to develop a Customer Experience strategy that incorporates both physical and digital interactions. In this blog post, we will discuss what phygital customer experience is and how to create an effective strategy for your business!

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No waste podcast ep 7

Ep 4 – Defining the right vision and path for a digital project (podcast in FR)

When you are an entrepreneur or when you have a digital project within a company (or an institution), you often start with an extremely ambitious vision. This is a good start. But it’s even more important to focus on your path. 
In this episode, Christophe Jouret, partner at Anais Digital, explains how to define the different steps and set the right perimeter to realize the vision of a digital project.

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No waste podcast ep 3

Ep 3- Why put people at the heart of a digital project (podcast in FR)

If the success of a digital project depends in part on the technical implementation, it will be only relative if the solution designed does not meet the needs of users.
Entrepreneurs often tend to relegate the human aspect to the background of a project. However, it is totally central, especially in the launch and adoption phase of the project.
In this episode, you will learn why put people at he heart of a digital project.

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