As founder & partner of the UX Design & Research Training at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, we provide a customized UX approach to your team.
  • Accessibilité

    DUREE: 1 à 3 jours
    Prix: de 595€ à 1295€

    Formation en collaboration avec l’Université Libre de Bruxelles, pour apprendre à rendre une interface web accessible ... lire plus

    • Jour 1 (obligatoire): les fondamentaux de l’accessibilité numérique, comme les avantages de l’accessibilité, comment surfent les personnes handicapées, les directives légales…
    • Jour 2 (optionnel) : bonnes pratiques, conseils et ressources pour relever les défis de l’accessibilité pour les rédacteurs et designers.
    • Jour 3 (optionnel) : approche interactive et aspects techniques avancés de l’accessibilité web pour développeurs et intégrateurs HTML.
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  • UX, an Innovation lever for Digital Business

    DURATION: 5 days
    PRICE: 2800 €

    Training organised with Université Libre de Bruxelles 5 days to understand and apply key User Experience, Lean and Design Thinking strategies.
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  • User eXperience Design & Research

    DURATION: 19 evening sessions
    PRICE: 2.095 €

    Universitary certification at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.
    19 evening sessions to learn user centric methodology.
    We provide students with scientific proven cases and learn them how to integrate ergonomics and focus on the users when creating an interface.
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  • User eXperience Training

    DURATION: 2 days
    PRICE: 2.500 € (from 1 to 3 participants)

    Pragmatic In-house Training of 2 days helping them to avoid most common risks and user acceptance failure. Our courses are designed to provide theory mixed with personalised application exercices. We guarantee a proven methodology to gain the necessary skills to create a better User eXperience.
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  • Accessibility Training

    DURATION: 2 days
    PRICE: 2.500 € (from 1 to 3 participants)

    2 days in-House Training to learn how to make your interface accessible! Learn your team Web accessibility fundamentals such as the business model for accessibility, how disabled people use the web, the compliance guidelines. Discover tools, tips and resources to address the accessibility challenge. Our practical hands-on approach covers advanced aspects of web accessibility for web developpers, web content authors and visual designers.
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  • Web Copywriting

    DURATION: 2 days
    PRICE: 2.500 € (from 1 to 3 participants)

    Content matter and should be central in any design: even the tiniest bits of copy can have the biggest impact on conversion rate or user satisfaction.
    Enhance the user’s experience and alleviate their concerns by doing micro-copy, using adaptive copywriting and setting editorial guidelines. During 2 days in-House Trainings.
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  • Customer eXperience Training

    DURATION: 2 days
    PRICE: 2500 €

    Pragmatic 2-day workshop to understand the benefits of CX, ideal for those who are looking for a practical and immediately implementable approach to improve CX within their organization ... read more

    • Day 1 am: WHY CX? - Key principles of CX, why is it such a differentiating and powerful tool, why now?
    • Day 1 pm: HOW CX? - Detailed explanation of the CX methodology (Collect customer insights, define Persona and their
      Customer Journey AS IS, opportunities management, ideate, design customer Journey TO BE, define KPIs and Wow effects).
    • Day 2 am: NOW CX! - Let’s practice! Application exercises based on the real cases.
    • Day 2 pm: MORE CX! - Personalized advice to improve CX in your own business environment : how to start, recruit or train a CX team, how to evangelize or start...
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